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My Channel

My Channel

Kostas MAROUDIS - Director

Embracing cinema at its core, I'm on a relentless quest to push boundaries and infuse every commercial with a spark of originality. My journey, enriched by a love for design, music, photography and fashion, has led me to create over 400 commercials that stand out for their creativity and atmospheric depth.

Living in Paris since 1988, my Greek origins and European adventures have deeply influenced my artistic vision. I've been fortunate to collaborate with visionaries and receive accolades, reflecting my commitment to storytelling that transcends the ordinary.

In essence, my spirit is one of exploration and expression, always striving to craft commercials that not only captivate but also resonate on a deeper level. Join me in this endeavor to make the mundane magical, where every project is a step towards mastering the art of impactful storytelling.

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