director working in commercials

Cinema is my passion. Photography is my passion. Narration is my passion. I have directed more than 300 commercials. I always strive to avoid the "dejà vu". I know it's not original, easy to say, but still. There is always a way to introduce something new. I believe so. Listening, understanding, anticipating, optimizing.

I'm mostly sensitive to atmospheres. Get the right atmosphere. Highlight the stellar essence of the story. That, for me, is what commercial film-making is about. Now, what is the right atmosphere ? It changes all the time. It's fascinating. 

I think this is my main motivation : making the commercial that audience will adore. Anyway, for me it works like that.  

I have been living in Paris since 1988, born in Greece and working mostly in and around Europe.. I studied cinema in Paris and, before taking on directing myself, worked on many projects with different directors whose work inspired me : Michel Gondry, JB Mondino, Frederic Planchon,...





Between Paris and Athens,France and Greece.

Kostas  Maroudis Titanio Productions | France


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